Domburg US
Fun Photos & Trips
Where we live in Dexter,
Michigan USA
Our House
Linda & Nicola
Cindy & Nikki
in Saugatuck 2007
Summer 2008
Takes us to
Friends, Emine & Tiina in Finland

Then off to the UK ...  
For dinner at Linda's (Domburg) with friends
March 2009
Nikki-Cindy & Crash
Quest & Gusteau's Dam Wins BOB
2nd year in a row
Sandra & Savannah                       Nikki grooms Savannah to her win!
                                                                                                         Linda grooms Midas
Cindy's House in Germany
                 Walking and lunch  in Rudesheim

Finland at the Specialty        
                                                      The Baltic
Waiting for the group with friends, Cindy, Kay
and Julie at the 2011 UKC Premier
~Laila wins Group 1!

                            Cindy's car "The Cube"
Laila CRAZY for it!
July 2009
Off to see cousin Tina, Ash & Derby
Sacramento California
Dexter our cat
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August 2012
Off to see cousin Tina, Ash & Derby
Sacramento, California
Horsetail Falls