Jaguar de la Lune CD RE
UAGI U Ch Questenberg Rheingold NAP x Biss  Am/U Ch sr Opera de la Clairiere aux Louves
12/2001- 02/2015
5-08 Turk earns his RE title
April 2008
Turk goes BOW
New CD title
Turk (ears up) & littermates
17 weeks old
Halloween 2008
NEWS FLASH-What Turk & Kate have been up to lately

Central Wyoming Kennel Club
5/23/2008 Turk gets his second Novice Obedience leg. First place.
Turk gets First place Open Dog, Winners Dog and Best of Opposite. Judge:
Mrs. Lesley E Hiltz.

Laramie Wyoming Kennel Club
5/25/2008 Turk gets his Third Novice Obedience leg and his CD tittle!!!!
First Place.

In Breed Turk gets Winners Dog and BOS. JUDGE: Mr F M (Butch)

5/26/2008 Turk gets First Place in Novice Obedience again.
In breed Turk gets Winners and Opposite again.

Brighton Colorado Dog Shows
4/12/08 Turk gets his Second Rally Excellent leg. 3rd place.

Turk gets First place in Open Dog class and Winners Dog for a few
conformation points. JUDGE: Mrs Sara M (Mrs Robert H) Futh.

4/13//08 Turk gets his Third Rally Excellent leg. 4th place.

Turk gets First place in the Open Dog Class, Winners Dog, and Best Of
Winners!!! JUDGE: Mr Randall K Sheets

Denver, Colorado Dog Shows
2/18/08 Turk gets his first Rally Excellent leg in Denver and takes home the
first place ribbon.

2/17/08 Turk earns his Rally Advanced tittle with a 4th place at the Denver
Colorado dog show. It only took three attempts to get three legs!!

2/16/08 Turk gets his second Rally Advanced leg in Denver.

2/15/08 Turk gets his first Rally Advanced leg in Denver.

Greely CO Dog Show
8/18/07 Turk gets First Place (out of 20 some entries) Rally Novice and a 2nd
legg towards tittle

8/18/07 Turk gets 3rd place Novice A Obedience for a first leg.

8/19/07 Turk gets a Qualifying score Rally Novice A for our third leg and a
new tittle.(RN)
Turk 8 months
Turk looks like his sire, Jake
Turk and his little brother "Gusteau"
Who is really his nephew